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20″ Shaman Drum – Goat Hide – Shamanic – Frame Drum – RESERVED


This drum was handmade with Red Deer drumhead and carefully handpainted with attention to details. The shaman drum carries the traditional celtic symbols of Triskelion, the triple spiral.  There are several interpreation of Triskelion: Body-mind-spirit  , past-present-future , mother-father -child just to name few. It is simple a way of ‘energy flow’ which presents itself in many ways in our cosmos. The ‘structure’ of the drum itself represents this trinity: First at the Handle (which forms a spiral) , at the inner side of the drumhead and finally at the surface of the skin.

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The dimensions of this drum are the following:

  • 22′ diameter – 55 cm
  • 3′ – deep – 8 cm
  • With Red Deer drumhead
  • The drumhead is natural and handpainted with acrylic
  • The frame is made of birch and treated with natural oil
  • The handle is made of rawhide and tanned leather
  • Fitting drumstick is included

Additional information

Weight 2,3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 10 cm


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