Want to Participate in the drum birthing process?

I currently offer shaman drum making workshops for anyone interested in learning the techniques of traditional  drum making or anyone who wish to create their own shamanic tools under the assistance of an experienced shaman drum maker.

Workshops last for 2-7 days depending on the project and the number of participants. Accommodations are provided during your drum making experience. The workshop takes place in Hungary near Budapest at a small guest house in the forest. There is no minimal limitation for participants.

If you provide assistance, accommodation and an appropriate place for making the instruments, I am happy to make a workshop in your country as well. If you would like to arrange a workshop in your area please contact me for details. 

During a typical workshop i am assisting you through the entire drum making process. Professional hand tools are available to implement detailed, creative shamanic instruments that mirrors your personality.  

I guide you through the sacred landscape of the beautiful and mystical Pilis mountain area. I introduce you several shamanic techniques that help you in a better understanding of yourself and shamanic practices that change your relationship with the surrounding world.

Contact me today to arrange a shaman drum making workshop. 

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Handmade Shamanic Instruments

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