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20-21″ handcrafted-shaman-drum-Deert-hide-shamanic-drum-shamanic-tool


Present you a 20-21 inch extra large egg shape shaman drum with Red Deer drum head.

Shamanism, particularly in the Altai and Ural regions, incorporates drums shaped like eggs into their rituals and practices. These drums, with their rounded shape resembling an egg, can be seen as microcosmic representations. They symbolize the interconnectedness of the spiritual and physical realms, as well as the shaman’s ability to journey between different dimensions.

Just as the egg represents fertility, rebirth, and the rejuvenation of nature, the shaman drum serves as a tool for the shaman to connect with the spiritual realm, access altered states of consciousness, and facilitate healing and transformation. Both the egg and the shaman drum signify the potential for new life, spiritual growth, and the cyclic nature of existence.

In this way, the symbolism of the egg and the shaman drum align in their representation of the microcosm and the macrocosm, embodying themes of rebirth, interconnectedness, and the sacredness of life.

  • 20-21″- diameter – 50-54 cm
  • 3.3″ – deep – 9 cm
  • Natural red deer drumhead
  • The frame is made of birch and treated with natural oils
  • The handle is made of rawhide
  • Fitting drumstick is included

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