How I Work

“merely working precisely and fine just like stars are moving in the sky”

I love working by hand, touching and feeling materials. The same way I can feel your inner qualities if we talk personally about your instrument. Expertise, inspiration and creativity are flowing through my hands and help me to bring your drum into life.

First, i would like to learn about your path and listen your ‘visions’ about the desired instrument. Whether you need a simple traditional drum or a shamanic instrument with complex symbolism and artwork i will take the appropriate time and do the planning which will result in an amazing drum with powerful spirit.


The hides are finished by a professional prepare man in Hungary. I work with Deer, Goat, Sheep, Cow, Horse and Wild Boar hides. Each skin has different sound, pattern and quality which is determined by many factors, such as the season the skin was prepared and the place the animal lived. A goat hide is usually very sensitive and therefore it is not recommended for intensive , hard play, while a thick wild boar or a horse hide is almost indestructible. Feel free to contact me if you need help with your choice!


The frames are built from birch wood. I offer different sizes from 12 inch – 30 cm to 36 inch – 90 cm and i am able to build the shape of your choice from traditional circle to oval Saami styles. The completed frames are finished with natural oil and can be painted with any colours according to your request. Usually, the larger the frame, the deeper and richer the sound of the drum. However it is not the ultimate law. I gave birth many smaller drums with surprisingly deep sound and responsive drumhead.

Professional Artwork

I am happy to paint your personal symbols on your drum. If you don’t have your clear plan about the artwork i am happy to assist you through the process of planning your personal design. The painting on the drum is not only a decoration, but gives a  ‘program’ for the instrument, therefore it is important to think it over before we paint on the drum.

I use high quality painting tools, pigments and acrylic paints that do not destroy the structure of the hide while i make sure the completed artwork won’t wear down over time.

Eva Ujfalusi

Eva Ujfalusi

Professional artist

Sometimes i meet my limitations when you require a professional artistic design for your drum. In this case i pass the task to a master artist Eva Ujfalusi. Eva is not only extremely creative, but she is knowledgable about shamanic symbols. Each time a challanging artistic design is required, first she is going to draw a skech for your approval.

Visit Eva’s webstie if you are interested in the drums she has painted:


Over the years i was asked to build more than a hundred  custom shaman drums and received a wide range of requests, such as    rare materials to use, complex designs, colourations, artworks and more. For some custom requests i need time to implement a comprehensive research for fabrics – for instance: rawhides ,tanned leathers – in order to create an authentic shamanic instrument that meets your personal vision.  
Zoltan Legardi

Zoltan Legardi

Leather Worker

I spend most of my time to find the appropriate materials such coloured and tanned leathers, lacings, furs and other rare leather supplies. The first place i visit when i need high quality tanned leathers is Zoltan’s warehouse. His shop is a real treasure-house with a huge selection of leather products from rare snake skins to thick buffalo hides.

More about my work

Making a genuine meditation drum begins with a selection of all-natural materials following traditional shamanic craftsmanship. 

My types of drum skins include Red Deer, Wild Boar, Goat, Sheep, and Horse, which I obtain from licensed hunters of local forests and rural farmers who raise and herd livestock in traditional and natural ways.

After choosing the perfect skin, I build the instrument frames by hand out of birch wood, which is strong and smooth — perfect for drum making and long-lasting use.



“Visiting Schrek in Hungary has been a Magical Experience.

And finding the Builder for my First Drum has revealed more Gifts and Exchanges, that I could ever have imagined.

Schrek does not simply build you a Drum.
He channels the Essence of the Drumming Pulse and Tune in on Your Particular Spirit-Connection with the Drum he is Creating for you.

This makes his Drums a most Powerful tool aligned especially for You.

And the more you are Clear on what your Drum will be a part of;
Are you a Drum Healer, Entertainer, Shamanic Journeys, or just plain playing Fun —
The more Powerful he Builds it.

Schreck has a lot of knowledge and it is definitely worth to travel to Hungary and collect you Drum yourself.

Always welcoming and friendly Schrek makes sure that you and your Drum have a wonderful First Encounter.

He is a unique Human Being and I am blessed to count him as one of my Friends.”

Eira Marie H. Wiese

Benjamin – 21′ Personal Drum

“I am eternally greatful for Tamas, his skills and his very being are a blessing for us all. He understood me in order to express his vision of the drum with his expertise, and I can honestly say it exceeded all expectations. You can see the finer details in the construction of the drum that clearly indicate this was made by a master of the craft. What he has created for me is much more than a drum, it is a portal of transmutation.” Benjamin H Thomas

Chelsey – 19′ Horse Hide Shaman Drum

“I currently have a tongue drum which plays a coping melody but after healing is done, I crave a different sound – something with more depth.

I shared with Tamas what I wanted out of my new drum – a sound that will bridge my dreams to reality. And after playing it for the first time, I feel that he has provided me such a drum.

I asked for my drum to be birthed on a full moon and that he did. I had tons of questions for my drum and he thoroughly and genuinely answered all of them.

Shipping was very quick and it delivered in perfect condition. I am thankful to have the pleasure of Tamas creating my drum. Thank you so much for connecting me with this powerful sound!!” Chelsey

Pam Moore – 37 inch Powwow drum

“I highly recommend!! I had a 37 inch ceremonial drum specially made. The communication was conducted as a collaboration instead of being told what was going to happen. He took the time to listen to me and what I wanted. He updated me all along the way and asked for my input as went forward. He was very accountable all along the way. When we got the drum it was even more amazing then what we expected. The sound is magnificent! The beauty and craftsmanship is beyond compare. I could not have asked for a better experience or drum. It brought tears to my husband both because of the beauty but the sound…beyond compare!” Pam Moore

If you are resonating well with my path and you like the way i work

Handmade Shamanic Instruments