“Visiting Schrek in Hungary has been a Magical Experience.

And finding the Builder for my First Drum has revealed more Gifts and Exchanges, that I could ever have imagined.

Schrek does not simply build you a Drum.
He channels the Essence of the Drumming Pulse and Tune in on Your Particular Spirit-Connection with the Drum he is Creating for you.

This makes his Drums a most Powerful tool aligned especially for You.

And the more you are Clear on what your Drum will be a part of;
Are you a Drum Healer, Entertainer, Shamanic Journeys, or just plain playing Fun —
The more Powerful he Builds it.

Schreck has a lot of knowledge and it is definitely worth to travel to Hungary and collect you Drum yourself.

Always welcoming and friendly Schrek makes sure that you and your Drum have a wonderful First Encounter.

He is a unique Human Being and I am blessed to count him as one of my Friends.”

Eira Marie H. Wiese