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Shamanic Rattle – Shaker – Rawhide Rattle – Horse Hide Rattle – Shamanic tool – Shipping Included


I am dedicated artisan with a decade of experience crafting shamanic instruments. I invite you to embark on a journey through my collection, thoughtfully created to enrich your meditation, deepen your spiritual exploration, and enhance your moments of pure enjoyment.

Unveiling the Essence:

  • Handles: Our shamanic rattles feature handles meticulously crafted from a blend of hardwood and white tail deer antler, resonating with a unique, grounding energy that connects you to the instrument’s essence.
  • Body: Each rattle boasts a body carefully handcrafted from horse hide, chosen for its exceptional acoustic properties. This choice ensures that every shake produces enchanting and profound sounds that resonate with your soul, creating a profound connection between you and the instrument.
  • Adorned with Nature’s Elegance: In homage to nature’s beauty, every rattle in my collection is adorned with genuine fox fur. But there’s an extra touch of artistry – a fox leg is thoughtfully attached to each piece, adding a unique and captivating character, making them genuine works of art that bridge the natural and spiritual worlds.
  • Size: These rattles are thoughtfully designed for a harmonious balance. Measuring at 38-40 cm, they offer both portability and the innate power to evoke captivating soundscapes, serving as powerful tools for your spiritual journey.

Questions or need more details? Feel free to contact me. Embrace the blessings of these instruments on your spiritual journey and allow them to guide you toward deeper realms of consciousness and self-discovery.

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