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28″ Double Headed Shaman Drum – Goat and Deer Hide with Tension Rings


A large double headed shaman drum made with deer hide on one side and goat hide on the other side. Tensions rings are used for keeping the hides tight on the frame.  The frame is made of 4 layers of glued birch wood. The tone of the sound does not change easily by weather and humidity. The drum can be tuned with the ropes on the side.

The dimensions of this drum are the following:

  • 28′ diameter – 72 cm
  • 10′ – deep – 27 cm
  • Red-Deer and Goat
  • The drumhead is natural
  • The frame is made of birch and treated with natural oils
  • Metal tension rings are used to keep the hide tight
  • Fitting drumstick is included

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