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14″ Dama Deer Hide Shaman Drum – Traditional Shaman Drum – Medicine Drum (Copy)


Let me present you this small 15 inch shaman drum, made of a young Dama Deer hide. The skin on this drum is thin and sensitive, therefore it is very responsive. The size and weight makes her excellent for travelling. I also recommend this drum for first instrument. The handle is made of white tail deer antler with rawhide support. When i do my drums i do the best to work with great quality natural materials.

The dimensions of this drum are the following:

  • 28' diameter - 72 cm
  • 3,3' - deep - 9 cm
  • Wild Boar drumhead
  • The drumhead is natural
  • The frame is made of birch and treated with natural oil
  • The handle is made of rawhide and woven with tanned leather
  • Fitting drumstick is included

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