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22-23″ Shaman Drum Bag – Carrying Case – Protective Bag – FREE Shipping


I offer you a padded protective bag for shaman drums or frame drums.

It’s important to keep your favorite drum safe and secure. With a handmade case, it is possible to have a way to carry your musical instrument without worry while also still looking unique. The bag is padded to help protect the drum inside.

Whether your small drum is a shaman drum or a frame drum, this case keeps it protected while not in use. Your favourite instrument.

I recommend this bag for a 22-23′ diameter drum, (58-65 cm ) with a height of 3′ (6-10 cm ).

The price of the item includes the shipping costs as well

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Padded, protective case for shaman drums and frame drums. Washable on low temperature. 

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 10 cm


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