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My goal is to create precisely-made, handcrafted instruments which serve as lifelong tools for your enjoyment, meditation and spiritual journeys.




Making a genuine meditation drum begins with a selection of all-natural materials following traditional shamanic craftsmanship. The main element of an authentic shaman drum is the skin, which should be procured in the most humane way possible and only for the purpose of maintaining a healthy animal population. 

My types of drum skins include Red Deer, Wild Boar, Goat, Sheep, and Horse, which I obtain from licensed hunters of local forests and rural farmers who raise and herd livestock in traditional and natural ways. When choosing a skin for shaman tools, it is important to consider things like what the animal eats and how much it eats, the season the skin is procured, as well as the geographic location of the animal. These details will determine the quality, volume and type of skin perfect for a wide-range of shamanic music instruments. 

Because of the nature of shaman drums and their significance to spiritual journeys, one of the most important things I consider when finding skins for my instruments is the way the animals were treated. In Hungary, traditional hunters hold a ceremony to honor the animals that they have hunted, blessing them with a deep respect for their nature and the nourishment that they provide. I believe that skins obtained through respectful treatment of wild or livestock animals is very important to creating an instrument made for spiritual purposes, which is why I always check the backgrounds of hunters and farmers from whom I obtain my animal skins. If the skins were obtained in any way not appropriate for shaman drum making, I find another source.

When I have found an ideal source of skins for drum making material I bring them to a professional prepare man who turns raw hide into drum skin. This is an ancient profession that is normally passed down from generation to generation, and relies on time-honored techniques and preparation methods to create unique qualities, sounds, colors and patterns which will give characteristics to each individual drum or instrument. I carefully select the skin thickness, size and other qualities based on the type of instrument I want to create, which include shaman drums, frame drums, ceremonial drums such as powwow drums and gong drums, ocean drum rattles, shakers and other percussion instruments.

After choosing the perfect skin, I build the instrument frames by hand out of birch wood, which is strong and smooth — perfect for drum making and long-lasting use. Traditional shaman drum shapes include Siberian, Saami, Mongolian, Native American and European styles. Each has its own distinct size and shape, capable of producing a unique sound unlike any other. I also build tunable shaman drums and professional tunable frame drums for people that want a drum they can tune. Like all of my products, these are made with authentic organic materials, hand tools and hand techniques similar to those of ancient drum makers.

I also create custom-made shaman drums and instruments with unique art works such as paintings, wood carvings, colorations and materials on request. This is one of the most exciting aspects of my job as it allows me to create a completely unique instrument every time and offers the challenge of artistic exploration. Through an introduction letter, you can present the vision of your drum and I will begin building your dream shaman drum while staying in touch with you during the entire creation process. There are no restrictions on the complexity of work or desired materials, and in the case that professional artwork is required the task will be passed onto an expert artist who will create the artwork of your dreams.

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